Big Bangs Daesung returns with an eye-catching look

  • Park Young Woong |2012.02.14 07:00
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Big Bang’s Daesung recently dyed his hair blond prior to the group’s return.

On February 14, Big Bang’s agency, YG Entertainment, made people eagerly anticipate the group’s return by releasing a picture of Daesung on their official blog and Naver.

In the picture, Daesung is wearing an oxygen mask while posing for the camera. People are saying that he has transformed himself in a most magnificent way after his debut by dying his hair blond.

A picture of T.O.P, which was previously released, also drew a lot of attention. His sky blue hair and Daesung’s blond hair make people eagerly anticipate seeing G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri’s new style.

The green logo, ‘Alive Big Bang- Wings’ means Daesung’s solo. His solo, “Wings” will be included in the group’s new album. The song was written by G-Dragon and songwriter Choi Pil Gang. Daesung also helped to write the lyrics for the song.

The agency says, “Big Bang members will be transformed into totally different people through their new album and will have a new start. Expect to see pictures of the rest of group members soon.”

Big Bang released the titles of their new songs and songwriters on January 26: 1. Intro 2. Blue 3. Love Dirt 4. Bad Boy 5. It’s Not Funny 6. Fantastic Baby 7. Wings. The songs were written by G-Dragon and other producers.

Big Bang will release their new mini album on February 29.

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