JB reveals, I would personally choose T-aras Jiyeon

  • Lee Gyeong-Ho |2012.02.14 18:30
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Singer JB revealed his thoughts about the love story with T-aras Park Ji Yeon.

On the afternoon of February 14, the production company Holim&CJ E&M interviewed with JB who appears on KBS 2TVs Dream High 2.

JB plays the role of Edens leader, a duo dance group. He is just a perfect man who is good at dancing, singing and rap.

In this interview, he revealed that nobody recognizes him despite appearing on TV. JB who recently graduated high school said that every comment comforts and encourages him after every episode of Dream High 2. However, nobody recognizes him

People around me say that its receiving good reviews, but Im not convinced. After the graduation, I went to eat with my friends but nobody recognized me. Even on the way back in the bus, no one knew me. I thought that I really need to improve.

About the love line with Lian(played by Park Ji Yeon), JBs first love, he answered carefully.

If I really was JB, I would choose Lian, my first love because I really cherish my memories.

As the most memorable line, JB chose I can do well. that he said during the audition of Kirin Arts High School.

It was personally meaningful because I thought back to the time when I auditioned for JYP Entertainment. I could really get into character because I could feel the anxiety and nervousness of that time.

At the end of the interview, JB said, Thank you for all the viewers who have given me much attention and support even though I lack in many ways.

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