Lee Jun Ki holds a fan meeting after finishing his military service

  • Park Young Woong |2012.02.15 05:30
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Actor Lee Jun Ki is coming back to his fans.

Lee, who entered an army training center on May 3, 2010, is leaving the military on February 16.

As Lee leaves the military, fans from all over Asia are sending welcome messages to his official website and agency. Many overseas fans are also expected to attend his fan meeting, which will be held after he leaves the military.

Lee is going to say thank you to his fans for waiting for him for a long time after making an announcement of a discharge at 8 a.m on the day he leaves the military.

And then, he’s going to meet his fans that number around 1,500 at his fan meeting, “Reunion JG,” which will take place at Sang Myung Art Center at 3 p.m.

Interactive Mix (IMX), Lee’s agency, says, “Many Korean and overseas fans are inquiring about Lee Jun Ki’s plan after finishing his military service. Many people from the drama and movie industries are also showing interest in Lee Jun Ki. We are deliberately reviewing the roles offered to him and will soon decide a drama series or a movie. He will repay his fans’ love with good acting.”

Lee became popular with his movie The King’s Man in 2005 and also became a Hallyu star with his drama series: Iljimae, Time Between Dog and Wolf, and My Girl.

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