New childhood picture of CN Blues Jung Yong Hwa revealed!

  • Kim Youngjin |2012.02.15 14:45
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CN Blue Jung Yong Hwas childhood picture attracted netizens attention.

On February 14 on an online community board, a picture titled a new childhood picture of Jung Yong Hwa was uploaded.

The picture displays the young Yong Hwa in his elementary years.

Even though the young Jong Hwa looks different because of the chubby cheeks, his distinct features confirmed that it is Yong Hwa himself.

Netizens commented: He was handsome even in the past. He looks like Bae Yong Joon at a glance. Youre handsome and sing well what arent you good at?

Currently, CN Blue is on a roll in Japan as the Rock Band and entered the Oricon Charts.

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