ATBO Successfully Wraps Up First Fan Meeting 'HOME PARTY' in Tokyo and Osaka

  • 이소연 |2024.03.04 11:10
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The group ATBO (ATBO) has completed their first overseas fan meeting.

ATBO held their first Japanese fan meeting 'HOME PARTY' in Tokyo at Toyosu PIT on February 29 and in Osaka at OVAL HALL on March 2, with a total of four sessions, creating special memories with global fans. On this day, ATBO opened the spectacular stage of the fan meeting with their debut song 'Monochrome (Color)'. Greeted by the passionate cheers of the fans, ATBO expressed their excitement, saying it was a "long-awaited moment" and delivered a confident message, saying, "We have prepared many special stages and fun games for ONCE (official fandom name), so please enjoy them to the fullest."

Following that, they heated up the venue even more with various charming stages such as 'Attitude', 'Bounce', 'Next to Me', 'Must Have Love', and 'We Can Do Without'.

True to its name, the fan meeting received enthusiastic responses not only for the performances but also for various contents. ATBO arranged not only games such as random challenge games playing TikTok challenges trending in Japan, love games, and dance matching games, but also talk corners, communicating even more intimately with the fans who attended the performance.

Having perfectly completed the two-day performance, ATBO members sincerely conveyed messages to the fans in their own ways as the performance came to an end.

ATBO expressed their gratitude, saying, "While preparing for our first fan meeting, we were excited and nervous, but when we saw the fans, our hearts became at ease and we had so much fun that we didn't realize how time flew by. We want to express our gratitude to the BOATs (fans) who created unforgettable memories. We hope to see you more often in the future." After finishing the photo time, ATBO, who had completed the 90-minute performance, continued to receive great responses from the audience by waving hands and making eye contact with each fan until the end, revealing their extraordinary love for the fans.

Meanwhile, ATBO, who successfully completed their debut overseas fan meeting 'HOME PARTY', will continue to communicate with fans through various activities, including domestic and international activities.

Written by Kim Soo Jin

Translated by Lee So Yun

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