SNSDs Yoona has sexy abs

  • |2012.02.14 11:05
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Pictures of SNSD’s Yoona showing off her fabulous abs were recently released.

On February 14, an online community posted pictures with the caption, “Yoona in Thailand during a concert. She is like a goddess and she has great abs.”

In the pictures, Yoona is showing off her abs in a T-shirt. The pictures were taken when SNSD held their concert in Thailand on February 12.

People responded: “You don’t have any weak points. You are perfect!” “Yoona is always pretty. She is a goddess.” “Yoona is so beautiful. I envy her the most among entertainers.”

SNSD held the ‘Girls’ Generation Tour’ in 11 Asian cities, including, Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, starting on May 31 of last year. They returned to Korea on February 13.

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