BTS Jimin's 'Filter' Spotify 352 million

  • 이소연 |2023.01.25 14:23
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BTS Jimin's 'Filter' recorded 352 million streamings on Spotify.

BTS Jimin's 'Filter' received steady love from listeners in the new year and shined its presence as a global steady song.

'Filter' surpassed 352 million streams on Spotify as of January 23rd, breaking the record with the fastest record among Korean male solo songs.

The YouTube audio video of 'Filter', which was released only as an audio track without a music video, has exceeded 105 million views, and this is also showing off the sound source power that does not cool down, such as achieving the shortest record for a Korean male solo song.

In Korea's largest music platform Melon, 'Map of the Soul; The 7' version and the 'Proof' album version recorded 132 million streams, the most streams among all the solo songs in the two albums, which is an amazing achievement achieved without any promotion.

The popularity of 'Filter' goes beyond the music platform and is loved by many users on TikTok, and as of the 24th, more than 428,000 videos were used as BGM, and 'Permission to Dance' and 'Poetry for Small Things' were used on BTS' official TikTok account. ’, ‘Fake Love’, and ‘Go Over Worries’, and ranked 5th overall, setting a record of 1st place as a solo song.

'Filter' is an exciting Latin pop genre song where you can feel Jimin's excellent tone and fatal charm. and Canadian Billboard charts.

On the other hand, following 'Filter', which has been steadily popular for 3 years as a K-pop representative solo song, Jimin predicted a solo album filled with his own voice, saying 'I have been working on a personal album' through a recent interview, rasing fan's expectation. 

Written by Mun Wan Sik
Translated by Lee So Yun

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