Jimin, BTS member Jimin has risen to the top of the K-POP CENTERS

  • 이소연 |2024.03.05 16:41
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BTS member Jimin has risen to the top of the K-POP CENTERS, shining in popularity.

Jimin claimed the top spot in the "Top 50 K-POP CENTERS" survey conducted by the global fan voting site 'Dabeme Pop' from February 12th to February 23rd.

Debuting in 2013 as BTS's main dancer and lead vocalist, Jimin, the only contemporary dance major in the team, has played a significant role in elevating not only the team's but also the K-pop performance level with his unique dance skills combining pure art, hip-hop, and martial arts.

Additionally, as a powerful vocalist captivating the ears of the public with his wide vocal range from soft mid-to-low tones to high pitches and a unique vocal color like his fingerprint, he has garnered love from many fans by creating killing parts in both vocals and dance regardless of the amount of lines.

In particular, with praise from members such as "he even creates killing parts that didn't exist," he has left his mark as the center of K-pop, embodying the presence of K-pop with the introductions of 'Blood Sweat & Tears' and 'Boy With Luv,' as well as moments like the man with 'Fire' at 3:33, the man with 'No More Dream' at 4:24, the man at 1:11 in 'Butter,' and earlier, by creating the legendary nickname 'Orange-haired guy' and covering 'Perfect Man' on stage, and with performances like the fan dance in 2018, he has solidified his presence as the center of K-pop itself.

Written by Mun Wan Sik

Translated by Lee So Yun

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