aepsa Release Supernova

  • 이소연 |2024.05.20 18:04
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aespa has achieved a perfect chart all-kill with their new song "Supernova," and they are set to deliver even more intense dopamine hits with the title track "Armageddon" from their first full-length album.

Released on May 13, the double title track "Supernova" from their first full-length album reached number one on all major domestic music charts, including Melon TOP100, HOT100, FLO, Genie, and Bugs, based on peak rankings.

Additionally, the song has surpassed 14 million cumulative streams on Spotify, further showcasing aespa's powerful impact in the music scene. Riding on this momentum, aespa will release another double title track, "Armageddon," on May 27. This hip-hop dance song features a strong synth bass sound with an old-school yet trendy track, paired with lyrics that convey a message of self-definition, complemented by a rough and restrained vocal tone to deliver an upgraded "metallic taste."

The performance for "Armageddon" will also be characterized by its restrained yet hip choreography, highlighting Aespa's unique groove and their stage presence that seamlessly blends with the music, promising to garner enthusiastic reactions.

Additionally, on May 20, aespa released teasing content titled "Find the Authentic" through various official SNS channels. This concept portrays the confusion between the real Aespa and AI, reflecting the theme of the new song and showcasing a distinctive aura that fits the song's mood, piquing fans' curiosity.

Written by Ahn Yoon Ji

Translated by Lee So Yun

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